Tuesday 27 May 2014

Newest release: Additional Content Disc #2

Hello everyone!

We're proud to offer you new additional content for My Little Karaoke. In this update, you'll get more than 90 new songs, some fixes, and a couple of new themes.

The game is fully free, and runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The latest content pack is an incremental update over the previous ones; if installing anew, you will need to install all discs in order.

My Little Karaoke : Box ArtAddonGet the Additional Content disc!

Have fun! - The My Little Karaoke team

Note to parents: some songs from the MLP community may contain mild language not fit for children; please review them before playing. It is possible to manually delete unwanted songs from the game's "Songs" folder on your hard drive.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Additional Content disc now available!

Hello everyone! We're delighted to announce the release of our newest Additional Content disc for My Little Karaoke. This disc contains a lot more song tracks, as well as additional fixes and performance updates - all of that in an easy-to-use package. As usual, the songs work on Windows, Mac OSX,  […]

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Saturday 13 July 2013

My Little Karaoke - Singing is Magic: now available for download!

Hello folks! After long sleepless nights, the My Little Karaoke team is proud to present the second release of the game! My Little Karaoke - Singing is Magic is a rhythm game which will make you sing, sing, sing. Grab a microphone, practice your voice, and compete with your friends to reach the top  […]

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Tuesday 8 January 2013

We're gonna make you sing, sing, sing

My Little Karaoke is a Singstar-like game in which you can sing along top Pony tracks. Grab your microphones and get the party started! The game runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and many devices. So at 2am I wandered into the game room and people were singing MLP songs on what looked like  […]

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