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BronyCon 2015 - Pony Karaoke

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BronyCon 2015 - Pony Karaoke
« on: August 13, 2015, 04:07:42 am »
I was pretty excited during BronyCon 2015 as they had an event titled "Pony Karaoke" scheduled saturday night, right during BronyPalooza. I even skipped the end of Aviator's part to attend it... sadly they were just using youtube search, which sucked a bit (and I was disappointed I must say :P)

At least BronyMike used MLK in his show (and seeing my name as the high score for that song he chose was pretty epic x3). But I'll try to make sure we get to see the actual MLK game next year if I can manage the trip to the US once more.
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