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Join the songmakers team!
« on: September 17, 2012, 11:07:31 pm »
Wanna help build more track for My Little Karaoke? Anyone's welcome to help! Head over to the Ressources Chest to find a few how-to's to get you started.

? Take a peak in the Song Request forum for some suggestions, or just pick any song you have in mind.
? If you're working on something new, create a new topic in the W.I.P. section. If you picked a song from the suggestions subforum, post in its thread and ask moderators to move it to the W.I.P. section.
? For now, you'll be a bit on your own though. We have no hosting to provide for the files, so you'll have to use Mediafire or any similar site to host the WIP songs. There are plans to improve this situation later on. ;)

Thanks for the help, and have fun!

EDIT: helpful topic: My Workflow, by profpatsch
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