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Belgerum - Spooky Pony Skeletons

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Belgerum - Spooky Pony Skeletons
« on: October 03, 2020, 02:38:55 pm »

I originally freestyled the little foals' lines, and there's probably also some bits and places where notes will need to be shortened/started later (so many unsingable letters in this one, especially the 's'). There's also a few places where things might need to be split into two notes, or recombined into a single one.

In the little foals' lines, it sounds more like "tonight" (twice), but according to the episode transcript, they say "to bite". It doesn't help that there's like 3+ voices at the same time there, so have fun with this one.

the mp3 has 2015 as year, but had it submitted in 2013. But it might be even older? I don't know. Worst case, just omit the year entirely.

Audio: (there's only a vbr mp3 it seems... hence a 320k mp3 recode and not ogg)

Technically Rosa's more Coven of Blood here than Society of Bones, but there are also some skeletons in there. Not sure if aside from that this background is all that suitable for MLK anyway, but one of the songs in Equestria at War is a (much slower and instrumental) version of this very song, and this song = Dread League, and there just isn't much art of that. But feel free to replace it with some less-ominous cute Skellinore or something. Or try to do something with the huge image on the page
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