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4EverfreeBrony - This Is What It's Like

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4EverfreeBrony - This Is What It's Like
« on: January 01, 2021, 02:09:04 pm »
It's done! This is such a fun one.

1080p video:
(rename it to video.mp4 and overwrite the one already here)

Regular ogg:
Instrumental ogg:
Cover: cropped+resized from the video at 00:00:42.709
Background: still from the video at 00:01:17.678
from my testing the regular and instrumental have the same GAP
note the small VIDEOGAP in notes.txt

Perhaps some small tweaks are needed (some notes might need to be split), just don't forget to propagate any changes from one txt to the other. Also feel free to use other art for cover/background, yada yada, etc.
The one absolute must-todo is figuring out which "feat." to list for the instrumental, currently it's just SaxPon3 but I have no clue on this.
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