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Andy Feelin & Velvet R. Wings - Mystery

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Andy Feelin & Velvet R. Wings - Mystery
« on: March 16, 2021, 07:42:52 pm »
owo what's this, barbeque does a non-4EB song???

Ogg: from Bandcamp/[email protected] Eclipse
Cover: cropped+resized from background
No video because it doesn't add anything


Some things to keep in mind while checking this song:
- I guessed duet player names to be P1 "Pony" and P2 "Changeling", but really I have no idea
- In each refrain of the regular song, first part = P1, second part = P2
- The duet uses slightly different golden notes than the regular song
- Maybe we want to combine "Mystery" sentences with the sentence directly after it, as the pause is really short in some cases and there's no way to see that (golden) note coming.

Also thank you RomeoN for testing this at an early stage!
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