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Twilight - Never Gonna Twi You Up

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Twilight - Never Gonna Twi You Up
« on: January 03, 2022, 03:21:36 pm »
* k so someone sends me "nevergonnatwiyouup.mp4" on Discord
* naturally I proceed to put it into USDX
* I also regret absolutely nothing

(artist is made up, in case that wasn't clear. I have absolutely no idea where the person who sent me the .mp4 got it from. feel free to change. also I got it in 2021 but idk if it existed before that)

background and cover are both just from the first frame of the video.

NB: I'm pretty sure I based my txt off something from which was suprisingly usable, idk what happened to the original #CREATOR tag (I did need to make some small edits where it differs from "the original")

(the nevergonnatwiyouup.mp4 as I got it is included, but otherwise unused in the resulting notes.txt)
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