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The Way She Flies - Phileo
« on: August 11, 2013, 03:25:07 pm »

Could be imported from the Rock Band file format.

Code: [Select]
Flash of red
the spectral wonder takes flight
and she's ready and she's steady and she's feelin' just right
She got the passion, the drive, the tenacity to win
and in 10 seconds flat she'll take your head for a spin

Sky is burnin' and it's turnin' to a tangerine peach
like a sun slowly settin' over Huntington Beach
She got a fire in her belly
fire in her eyes
supersonic strut leaves a fire in the skies
Brighten up to a warm and golden glow
let it fill you all up from your head to your toe
let that sun shine down on ya
everypony scream louder

7 colors in the sky
Watch her dash on by
The heavens covered
With so many wonders
I love the way she flies

We got the green green grass
and the emerald trees
and the meadows with the bunnies and the birds and the bees
and I wish I could see it from her point of view
straight up there in the middle of the big ol' blue
and I would if I could and I would take you too
over the Everfree Forrest to a Canterlot view
Flying high up in the sky into the indigo night
with the stars in your violet eyes and no care in sight

I aint got no care in sight
When I'm with you
I aint got no care in sight
When I'm with you
I aint got no care in sight when I'm with you
When I'm with you

Angels fly
Dashing by
Close your eyes
Feel the skies

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The Way She Flies - Phileo
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