[S9E08] Better Way To Be Bad

Started by Renard, May 30, 2019, 12:06:47 PM

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I'm not sure if the proper thing is to reply here, or to make a new topic with the same name in the "Feedback for Released things" sections, since it appears most of the time the topic gets moved?), but in the duet.txt version (and only in that version) there are two consecutive linebreaks at 3469 and 3497.

I don't know if empty sentences like this are a 'feature' of USDX; I know you can do "- 3469 3497" if you just want the lyrics to not show up for a while (another one of those features that apparently exists...)

I have not tested if this actually causes USDX to crash or whatever when it encounters it, though as far as I'm aware, this is (one of) the only song in MLK that has this.
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I manually move the topics when the songs are released, but I've had very little time to clean up the forum lately (unfortunately) and have been fully focusing on the song files. You did the right thing by posting here. :)

This is indeed not normal. I know that USDX handles it, and it fact Smilley made some creative use of the idea before but I rejected it: this isn't standard and we have no way to know how other game engines, past, present and future will handle the situation. This indeed needs to be patched. Thanks for the feedback!