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W.I.P: Community Songs / Re: Anastasia - In the Dark of...
Last post by barbeque - July 20, 2024, 06:28:17 PM
Updated the download link as of 2024-07-20.
Only updates were the removal of the two early chorus lines because nobody really sang them IRL, and because the song is now a little bit shorter, also changed one golden note to a normal note.
W.I.P: Community Songs / Vul - Bucketeer
Last post by robumf - July 17, 2024, 03:56:15 AM
 Vul - Bucketeer
Almost know what I'm doing at creating files for MLK

Review and Clean Up Please.

Need to change the image, where Pinkie Pie has a bucket in one hand and a plushie in the other.
My work files are

Also works with UltraStar Deluxe and Play.
With the new APK of UltraStar Play you can now add MLK on Amazon Reader and other Mobile device.
My Little Karaoke is now even littler.

MLK on a Stick
You can also copy and paste your MLK folder (Windows Program Files(86) to a USB drive and take it with to run on most computers.
Song requests / Ashley h - No longer mourn
Last post by nightmare - May 09, 2024, 02:30:54 PM
song name-no longer mourn by Ashley h

W.I.P: Community Songs / Trey Husk, Nexgen & Koa - Star...
Last post by lily - May 01, 2024, 02:43:32 AM
I've got a bit of a backlog of charts so I'm gonna start posting 'em here every sometimes in the order I made them. Anything I've ever made will end up here, which will be 'ahead' until I've caught up on making threads (to avoid being too spammy). Hopefully chart quality gets better the newer the chart is lol.

This one I managed over 9200 on Medium but most likely because a good 60% of this song is rap and because the rap part is not too strict (1 beat for most words).

Accordingly, this one includes a duet. I think I made some note-length changes to the duet chart but I can't recall what (if any).

Audio: Bandcamp FLAC to MP3-320 (ffmpeg)
Cover: Default cover art for P@D Blossom
Background: Made it myself lol it is genuinely awful and I would advise finding something else

- Seems to be biased a little fast as far as I can tell, particularly in the vocal (Koa)'s part. Might be because it was originally charted using the Bandcamp free 128kbps stream and I later switched it out for a better quality audio file, or just because of poor charting
W.I.P: Community Songs / Re: PrinceWhateverer - Not Let...
Last post by barbeque - April 29, 2024, 05:41:27 PM
For a first chart I'd say this is pretty damn good! My first charts were terrible compared to this. There's a few easy-to-fix issues (some linebreaks aren't ideal, there's too many golden note beats, and some syllables are stuck together) but also: I'm rubbish at Prince songs and still got >3500 (Hard) on my first attempt, so there must be something done right lol.

I recommend using the actual background image without the text stuff though, from here: or
W.I.P: Community Songs / America - The Last Unicorn
Last post by barbeque - April 29, 2024, 05:21:38 PM
If you're of the opinion that this isn't pony-related, I recommend asking Jamis about this song :D

I'm not entirely happy with it, but with >9600 on Normal and >6500 on Hard, it probably only requires minor tweaks.

- Original txt by IC on USDB, but it's been heavily altered by me
- Audio: lossless CD rip converted to lossy ogg
- Video: not included because it's a raw blu-ray excerpt from the movie. A script is included which timestamps it is (on my version at least). Renard I can PM you the raw video if you need it.
- Background:

An official instrumental of this song does (as far as I have found) not exist, and probably can't be officially in MLK anyway. I did find some interesting other instrumental versions, namely youtube ID's Vq-NvuLxSRg and KPMPHcdhIIc, but they're timed differently. If any of these can be released I'm willing to make the txt after the original has been quality-checked, otherwise I'll just make them after the MLK release or something because I like this song, okay?

Welcome! / hello!
Last post by lily - March 27, 2024, 05:43:48 PM
*wipes dust off forum* Hi! I'm lily.

I've messed around with karaoke privately for a couple years but only started actually going to the karaoke room at cons starting with PCH 2023. I've been very impressed with the large variety of songs (and have even discovered new-old songs through karaoke!) but there are of course always songs that haven't been charted yet. So I figured who better than myself to try charting songs that I like? ;D

No idea how long I'll be messing around with this stuff, but in the meantime (if permitted) I'll be sharing any potentially-dubious-quality stuff that I chart :)
W.I.P: Community Songs / PrinceWhateverer - Not Letting...
Last post by lily - March 27, 2024, 05:30:13 PM
Found myself wanting for some songs in karaoke form, so I figured I'd make 'em myself! This is my first chart, please be gentle ;D

Audio: Just the 128kbps MP3 that Bandcamp streams as a preview, could get better quality audio but I'm lazy
Cover: Cover art from the Bandcamp listing
Background: The thumbnail from the YouTube upload

- Might need to adjust note lengths

Song requests / Velvet R Wings - Cutie H Eques...
Last post by Foxx - March 24, 2024, 09:59:05 PM
Hello there,

I would like to request this song - i know that is in MLK - but i would like to have it as "instrumental"; also just the music and the video - literally for "own performances", also with no singing - lyrics and notes can be there, but don't need to be.

If that's no option, it's Okay.