DrDycer - The Timberwolf (easy) first time singing / first time MLK xD

Started by HomuraZ, April 04, 2020, 03:32:47 AM

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I never really sang in my life and you can clearly see/hear that by how badly I fluff up in every way imaginable in this. But today I randomly decided to try out MLK and holy it is so much fun. I mean sure I butchered every song I tried but I had a blast regardless. I still live with my parents so I'd normally never dare to do this but today I was home alone so I thought to myself why not try it since there is nobody around. Here is the result ( it's horrible but I'm still proud of it xD ):


Hey DrDycer,

That is amazing for the first time playing!
(Took me ages to get past a score of 500)

I'll have to try that song, never heard of it before!