Where to donload beta songs (and what USDX version to use and Forum error messag

Started by marius851000, January 04, 2022, 12:38:45 PM

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Hello. I'm really happy to see there is a new release. I'm updating my custom Nix package for MLK (based on the linux web installer, see here if interested :  https://github.com/marius851000/mlpnur/tree/main/pkgs/my-little-karaoke ). I also added beta songs, but now that the page that host (https://www.mylittlekaraoke.com/store/beta/) them no longer exist, I'm interested to know how the new launcher does for donload them (as I've seen this feature is now automatically included in the launcher). I have a script that I used for download beta songs. I ideally just need the url of where are stored the beta songs now.

(if you don't know (that's likely the case), Nix is a package manager for linux and MacOS, guaranting that everytime a program is compiled/build, this will result in the same program. And a bunch of other things).

Also, in the forum, when I want to write a post, there is this warning above the header:

Notice: Undefined index: OYTE_desc in /var/www/dotclear2/forum/Sources/OharaYTEmbed.php on line 126

Notice: Undefined index: OYTE_vimeo_desc in /var/www/dotclear2/forum/Sources/OharaYTEmbed.php on line 134

Notice: Undefined index: OYTE_gifv_desc in /var/www/dotclear2/forum/Sources/OharaYTEmbed.php on line 142

One last question, too : do you use a custom version of USDX, or am I good with just using the latest master version (seeing the latest stable version is almost two years old. Up to now, I've been used the version in nixpkgs, that is as of today, 2021-04-03.


The "beta" songs all have been included in the regular download, that's why the page has been cleared - no need to confuse everyone by making them download the packages again now that the update is out :)
The installer looks for tarballs listed on https://mylittlekaraoke.com/store/webinst/linux.webinst and unpacks them in that same sequence (to update existing files coming from previous releases).

We no longer use a custom version of USDX - basically, RainbowDerpy has been very hard at work and handled changes upstream. We pretty much only have a custom theme, now! So yeah, we're using the (stable) 2020-04-03 version of the software.

The warnings you are seeing on the forums is due to a bug with the Youtube embedded links, yeah. On it.