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W.I.P: Community Songs / 4EverfreeBrony - Ambience
« Last post by barbeque on January 22, 2022, 11:30:59 am »

Download (contains regular + instrumental + MEMJ0123 version):

* Cover + ogg:
* Current background: (transparency is filled with the same color as Astrum's right forehoof)

* Check split notes pitches / if they need to be split at all
* Double check all instances of "from" in all versions, these might need to be split / pitched in some instances
* Feel free to change golden notes
* Remove cover art from ogg
* Find background art from the 4EB YouTube video (though I kinda like the current background better)
W.I.P: Community Songs / Re: All Levels at Once - Fluttershy's Lament
« Last post by barbeque on January 16, 2022, 02:24:09 pm »
Icefumy mentioned this video in Discord:
It's essentially a HD remake of the original PMV

At first glance it seems to work pretty okay if the #VIDEOGAP line just gets removed altogether
(and sure, we could probably get EVEN HIGHER quality by recreating that entire video from the raw episodes, but I don't have time for that)
W.I.P: Community Songs / Re: The Shake Ups - Baking With Gummy
« Last post by Renard on January 11, 2022, 09:01:00 pm »

I've updated the WIP files we have stored in the clouds with your newer revision. I still need to do a lot of cleanup beforehand, now that we've released the update :)
Welcome! / Re: Hello World!
« Last post by Renard on January 11, 2022, 08:59:40 pm »
Hello there! Thanks a lot for your help on G5 songs too :P
W.I.P: Community Songs / Rammpon3 - Plush On
« Last post by barbeque on January 11, 2022, 06:49:23 pm »
This isn't up to my usual standards, though at least it's not as bad as Plushie. But it WILL need significant (re)work before it's anywhere near the standards of MLK. It's just, these damn pitches.
Artwork is just placeholder
freestyle/rap = I really have no idea about pitch
everything else = I have some idea about pitch but some places are probably still way off

NB: I do have an instrumental version as well, I don't think Zecora would mind me posting it here, but since that's basically indistinguishable from an actual Rammstein instrumental, not posting that publicly. It's probably this one:
the video description also has mp3 download link
W.I.P: Community Songs / Rammpon3 - Plushie
« Last post by barbeque on January 11, 2022, 06:41:44 pm »
This isn't up to my usual standards, and this WILL need significant (re)work before it can be released (that's assuming something like this can ever be released :D), but I just can't do pitches like this. At least the timings should be somewhat usable, hopefully.
Artwork is just placeholder.
W.I.P: Community Songs / The Shake Ups - Baking With Gummy
« Last post by OldTech on January 09, 2022, 06:05:08 pm »

This is not perfect, but hopefully it will not take much to get it ready!

An older version of this is already in the cloud (WIP), please could somepony kindly replace it with this  :)
I've attempted my first duet as well...

Hey DrDycer,

That is amazing for the first time playing!
(Took me ages to get past a score of 500)

I'll have to try that song, never heard of it before!
Welcome! / Hello World!
« Last post by OldTech on January 08, 2022, 12:31:41 pm »
Hello everypony!

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I discovered My Little Karaoke at BUCK 2016 and have been addicted ever since!
I'm also keen on TrotMania (DDR / Just Prance I guess now from G5!) and the Pony Rock Project (which I'm using CloneHero for).

Thinking of contributeing to the project with some G3 songs if I'm allowed ;D

Boop /)
Sorry for the super late answer on this, but, yeah, you should be fine now. We've seen crashes when switching themes at this point too, but launching the game again works fine with the theme you selected still.
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