Author Topic: Le Soldat Pony - Luna comes to me in a dream  (Read 89 times)

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Le Soldat Pony - Luna comes to me in a dream
« on: March 19, 2020, 11:22:55 am »
Wow long time no see yet again! Need to get better at finishing stuff haha

Anyway, found out about Le Soldat Pony after digging through some older fan music. Noticed that some fans really liked his stuff and found out why fairly quickly. His folk music is something this community doesn't have too much of (plus some space pony vibes)!

I've decided to to go with Luna comes to me in a dream since it's easily one of his most well known works. Shame that his songs and online presence have disappeared. :x Have this reupload:

Code: [Select]
The thoughts that I have looked for
Are in a lamp on the floor
Drifting slow into sunrise morning glow
She came to me that night for
I had nothing but my life
And a pocket watch that never would be sold

"I have all the powers of the moon at my feet"
"To set your mind free"
"The waking light will tell you all you need"
"Oh baby, just sleep"

I went out catching fireflies
For the stars are more elusive
And they burn holes in my pockets, don't ya know?
I contemplated my demise
And she looked at me and smiled
Singing, "Where, then, do you think you will go?"

"The swirl of our eternity has secrets for me"
"And you, as well, to learn its majesty"
"I'm tired, too, to lift all the light you see"
"But it's warm in its comfort, and it's brighter in its mystery"

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams
Sweet dreamed

The artwork associated with the song was done by a well known pony artist from back in the day and is now also a personal favourite of mine! As you can see, it's originally in portrait but I've done a landscape version for the MLK background that looks sort of okay.

I've already finished it and will be passing it on to one of the MLK fellas later on once I figure out how to get back into the cloud

(Also yes it's "Luna comes to me in a dream" and not "Luna Comes to Me in a Dream". This can be confirmed here:
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