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Hello everypony!

Here is another G3 song for y'all:

Apologies that this took so long, Minty's voice was so hard to tune...

Take care everypony.
W.I.P: Community Songs / Zecora95 - Der Nudelsalat ist zu scharf
« Last post by barbeque on September 16, 2022, 05:31:49 pm »
This was performed at the 2022 edition of Pinkie's Chocolate Rain Party (PCRP) in Germany.


An instrumental can be found at but is not included in the download because it's based on a real song.

  • When checking pitch, pay extra attention to the Golden Notes. Those are the ones I'm unsure of.
  • Find someone that took a picture of the actual PCRP Nudelsalat for the cover
  • A better background image, current one is modified from a photo made by XetoTravels. I know at least one other person was also taking pictures, but I haven't seen these anywhere yet.

But other than that, this should be pretty much done. The BPM is on the low side (for MLK) but I don't think this needs any higher anyway. It's (heavily) modified from the txt for the original song (Udo J├╝rgens - Ehrenwertes Haus) from USDB.
W.I.P: Community Songs / 4EverfreeBrony - Loyalty (Cover)
« Last post by barbeque on September 13, 2022, 02:04:52 pm »

- Regular version ogg:
- Instrumental version ogg:
- Background + cover: (the cover is a crop+resize)
- Based on the original txt by Moonsparkle (BPM was doubled and not-insignificant modifications made)

The lyrics between 4:30 and 4:50 are not included.


"Fun" fact: this took almost two years from start to finish, mostly because I kept getting distracted by other songs.
W.I.P: Official Songs / Re: [NL][S1E11] Winterschoonmaak
« Last post by Renard on June 19, 2022, 03:21:58 pm »
Added to the cloud :)
Added to Yaycloud!
Didn't see anyone doing this particular song yet and I figured that someone should probably finally do the remaining EG songs, so here we are:

Might be a little rough around the edges since it's my first conversion but after some testing I think it's mostly good. Once it gets added I'll start working on the other missing EG songs as well.
W.I.P: Community Songs / mirrorimage - Fasten My Little Ponies
« Last post by barbeque on May 05, 2022, 06:08:42 pm »


Current cover and background are just from a still from the video and as such are of exceptional (lack of) quality. Oh and at least on my PC this exhibits bug consistently (also if I remove the video altogether).
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