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Does it have an "Assigned Player" (or whatever it's called, it's the one below the "Channel" I think)? Because it sounds like it should work at this point, or at least it shouldn't be a flat line in-game.

Also check all the other sound cards/channels to see if something is still mapped to a player that shouldn't be.

(disclaimer: I don't run this on Windows, nor do I have these extra applications. But it shouldn't really matter)
Hello! The last time I used MLK, I never used voicemeeter or voicemod, but recently I've acquired both, and my main audio management is handled through voicemeeter (potato edition specifically), and my main microphone output is handled by voicemod.

A few things to note, the game itself is actually accessing my microphone, I know this because when I go into the Record options page, and my "Soundcard" option is set to "Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM))", upon creating vocal sounds you can see the Channel 1 and Channel 2 preview bars display the feedback of me speaking into the mic. Additionally, when Microphone Playback is enabled in the Sounds page, I can hear myself talking while on the Record settings page.

Now, the issue happens when I try to play through a song, when I start a song, the visual feedback wave thing doesn't respond at all, it stays a flat line. Additionally, if Microphone Playback is enabled, it doesn't play any sound. So, the game can access my mic when I'm on the settings page, but when I back out of or confirm those settings, it does not register when a song is playing.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my issue, hope you can help! ;D
W.I.P: Community Songs / Rammpon3 - Fandom
« Last post by barbeque on March 31, 2020, 12:50:33 pm »

It needs some final tweaks ("nur" "noch" and the "Ist" in the 3rd sentence, for example), and some of the currently split notes might actually be just a single note, but I can't judge on this. It's already very singable on Medium (>9500 points), with Hard hovering around the 7k mark. The things that need to be looked at are all comparatively short notes.

Also: the E2 staff apparently has some really high quality event videos of this and the rest of the Rammpon3 performance. I don't have them.
Song requests / Metajoker - Sight for Sore Eyes (with 4EverfreeBrony)
« Last post by barbeque on March 30, 2020, 06:26:54 pm »
Description has a WAV download:

Cover: dunno, it is on various other platforms, maybe just grab one from there?
Background: dunno, I was not able to find a high resolution version of the video background anywhere (there is a text-free still at 4:18 in the video, but there's so much colour banding going on...). But given the characters, there should be no shortage of relevant pictures on Derpibooru, I guess.

Code: [Select]
I lost my way to outer space
Where the lighthouse guides me home
Now I'm out of time, and out of place
All the rocket ships have gone
And I think of childhood memories
Looking up into the dark
When we whispered words on everything
And we wondered why we are

So when you come back
Tell me how it was
I'll be okay
I'll be alright because

You're a sight for sore eyes
And I want to know the days of your life
The ghosts and waterfalls
The ways that you shine
So much brighter
You're a sight for sore eyes
You're a shooting star
And I'm old, and tired

There's a taste of salt rich on my tongue
Rising tides to drown my fears
And they pull me under, fill my lungs
Singing silence in my ears
Oh the stars are brilliant and bright
When the light has dimmed away
And the ocean's beautiful at night
As I sink beneath the waves
As you surround me
I almost feel alive
And in the deep
It's like I'm in the sky

You're a sight for sore eyes
And I want to know the days of your life
The ghosts and waterfalls
The ways that you shine
So much brighter
You're a sight for sore eyes
You're a breaking wave
And I'm not a fighter

Oh, when I come back down from the other side
And there's nothing left to hide
Will you be there, will you be there
And when I've given up all of the strength in me
And I'm nothing but your memory
When I'm prepared, will you be there?

You're a sight for sore eyes
Like a miracle
And I'm paralyzed within your beautiful cold
A sight for sore eyes
And I want to know the days of your life
The ghosts and waterfalls
The ways that you shine
So much brighter
You're a sight for sore eyes
You're the weight of the world, and you lift me higher
W.I.P: Community Songs / Rammpon3 - Meetups
« Last post by barbeque on March 24, 2020, 02:17:57 pm »

I am happy with this how it is now, around 7k on Hard, but there are some todo's that I cannot finish myself. Ie, I think it's perfectly singable as-is, it can just be even better if someone not-me looks at it.

- Freestyle note = I'm not sure what tone this is. I did try (they actually have a tone in the txt) but during testing it was 50/50 or worse, so someone more qualified than me should look at them
- you might want to change how the golden notes are done
- the E2 staff apparently has some really high quality event videos of this and the rest of the Rammpon3 performance. I don't have them (nor would my PC be able to cut/edit/etc/render them if I did lol)

I plan to do most (if not all) of the Rammpon3 songs over coming weeks, next one will be "Fandom".
W.I.P: Official Songs / Re: [EN][MLPM1] 05 Open Up Your Eyes (Meme Edition)
« Last post by barbeque on March 22, 2020, 01:15:55 pm »
New version with bonus content:

Contains three versions, more info per version below:
- Open Up Your Googly Eyes
- Open Up Your Googly AAAAAAAAAA

All three versions have their own cover, static background and video. You might want to rerender the videos in a lower quality, though compared to the Red Carpet version, they're not even that much bigger.

Open Up Your Googly Eyes
I noticed an error in the video of the one I uploaded earlier, which was actually an error in the original googly eyes meme video I used as a source. I've recreated the video and hid the error by just duplicating a single frame somewhere. The video fix aside, this was the version I ran at HWCon.
Txt-file and song-file are untouched compared to the Red Carpet version.

The meme comes from a youtube video titled "OpeN Up YoUr EyESsSS" (youtube id: vN6YbvlaROM) which is no longer available, at least not in my country.

At HWCon, someone said there was also a different meme version. So I made that as well. The youtube video this comes from has more capslock and more A's in the title, but I think 10 A's is good enough. Like the googly eyes variant, this was edited to be the full song, not just the part from the youtube video:
Also whoever created the thumbnail for that youtube video needs to get on my level. Damn clickbait.

Open Up Your Googly AAAAAAAAAA
I'll let you discover what this is by yourself.
Aand done:

The video didn't really add anything for me, so I more or less recreated the background of it and added that as the static background image. I think it works pretty well.

Ogg is straight from bandcamp.

There's a few freestyle notes in there, you can try to figure out which note they are, but they're only super short notes anyway.
Wow long time no see yet again! Need to get better at finishing stuff haha

Anyway, found out about Le Soldat Pony after digging through some older fan music. Noticed that some fans really liked his stuff and found out why fairly quickly. His folk music is something this community doesn't have too much of (plus some space pony vibes)!

I've decided to to go with Luna comes to me in a dream since it's easily one of his most well known works. Shame that his songs and online presence have disappeared. :x Have this reupload:

Code: [Select]
The thoughts that I have looked for
Are in a lamp on the floor
Drifting slow into sunrise morning glow
She came to me that night for
I had nothing but my life
And a pocket watch that never would be sold

"I have all the powers of the moon at my feet"
"To set your mind free"
"The waking light will tell you all you need"
"Oh baby, just sleep"

I went out catching fireflies
For the stars are more elusive
And they burn holes in my pockets, don't ya know?
I contemplated my demise
And she looked at me and smiled
Singing, "Where, then, do you think you will go?"

"The swirl of our eternity has secrets for me"
"And you, as well, to learn its majesty"
"I'm tired, too, to lift all the light you see"
"But it's warm in its comfort, and it's brighter in its mystery"

Sweet dreams
Sweet dreams
Sweet dreamed

The artwork associated with the song was done by a well known pony artist from back in the day and is now also a personal favourite of mine! As you can see, it's originally in portrait but I've done a landscape version for the MLK background that looks sort of okay.

I've already finished it and will be passing it on to one of the MLK fellas later on once I figure out how to get back into the cloud

(Also yes it's "Luna comes to me in a dream" and not "Luna Comes to Me in a Dream". This can be confirmed here:
You gotta shaaaaaaare~ / Re: Shake ups - Magic sheep - test
« Last post by robumf on March 17, 2020, 03:29:12 am »
You just might not like my voice amplified.
Issues and bug reports / Re: Microphone not working
« Last post by LostTune on March 16, 2020, 12:25:15 pm »
I'm having the same issue myself, as a matter of fact! I almost thought that I was alone here-  I'm sorry that this isn't any help towards it, I just wanted to comment letting you know that you're not alone-

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