Author Topic: WoodenToaster & TheLivingTombstone feat. Rina Chan - Lost On The Moon  (Read 2068 times)

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Lyrics (From the description of the video):
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Saying goes that when you're stuck on a mountain
You try to go up, you try to go down, you turn around
To face a wall so you can face yourself
realizing you've made a mistake

And you are being stuck on the moon
like the rest of us, trying to make sense of it
crying cause we don't have any reason
we're alone together, cause we all
share the very same crime

Some will say that this is not going to last long
Some will say that if we try we can't go wrong
As time goes on we are not leaving this place
Cause when we'll come back we lose our track of time and space

So together we are all lost on the moon
We all share our home on the moon, we
forever we are lost on the moon, together
we pay your crime on the moon

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Re: WoodenToaster & TheLivingTombstone feat. Rina Chan - Lost On The Moon
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Indeed! :P

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