These assets were crafted to fit in a PS3™ game case, when the game was first released in 2012. You can produce your own physical copy too - just print the artworks appropriately, and burn the game's ISO to a regular DVD!

Game manual

Getting started with MyLittleKaroke (8 pages).
Print size: 236mm × 146mm / 9.28in × 5.74in.

Regular download Printable booklet (3.9 Mb / 2.5 Mb)

Box art

Front and back covers.
Print size: 272mm × 149mm / 10.7in × 5.9in.

Download (4.0 Mb)

Disc label - Installation disc

Regular disc label sticker (apply after burning the disc).
Print size: 120mm / 4.72in.
Download (3.7 Mb)

Disc label - Additional Content discs

Additional Content disc label sticker (apply after burning the disc).
Print size: 120mm / 4.72in.

Disc #1 Disc #2 Disc #3 (2.3 Mb)

Paper Sleeves

Cheap foldable alternatives to the rigid disc cases.
Print at 300PPI.

Install AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 (1.8 Mb)

Logo pack

Logos, cards, ponies and other GFX assets for your own creations.

Download (8.8 Mb)

Standalones (⚠ Legacy MLK version)

Ultrastar Deluxe Theme

Skin your standalone USDX 1.3+ install with the MyLittleKaraoke theme.
Copy to the Ultrastar "Themes" folder, then activate in the options screen.

Download (58 Mb)

UltrastarWP / USDX 1.3 online plugin

Copy this file to the "webs" folder of a vanilla Ultrastar World Party or USDX 1.3+ setup to be able to submit scores to the My Little Karaoke online leaderboards. Windows only.

Download (330 kb)

Patches (⚠ Legacy MLK version)

"No Valid Themes Found" fix

This small, run-once patch fixes the "No Valid Themes Found" error that may occur on Windows Vista and ulterior.
This will reset the game's settings.

Download (160 kb)

Windows Uninstallation Patch

Songs installed with the first Additional Content Disc are in read-only mode and will not be properly removed by the current uninstaller, potentially wasting hard drive space. Run this fix before uninstalling the game to avoid this.
Not needed if you installed the second Additional Content disc.

Download (15 kb)

Beta Channel "NullReferenceException" fix

Run this once if you encounter an error with the Beta Channel updater despite having installed all previous releases.
This will also change the install path of .mlk files.

Download (22 kb)


Release trailer

Additional Content Disc trailer

Game Manual, Box Art, Disc label: designed by FloppyChiptunes.
USDX theme: designed by MyLittleVisuals.
Background art: "MLP Mane Six Wallpaper" by Bardiel83.

Published on 2016-02-23 by MLK:SiM