A twenty-nine years old guy living in the east of France, who got hooked by the show by the end of the first season.
Not to be confused with Lapfox.

Mane Song Team


Originally coming from Hungary, this Brony's currently living in Austria. As a Brony, he had the urge to contribute to the community, but had neither the artistic talent for fan-art nor the creativity and linguistic prowess for fan-fiction. Having a passion for MLP and singing, he one day noticed the lack of Pony Karaoke songs. He had found a goal. He started off alone, and his work was noticed well before the My Little Karaoke team could get a hold of him.

Favorite songs: This Day Aria, Smile Smile Smile.


Living in southern California - USA, "PsychicWalnut" is a Brony and karaoke enthusiast. He worked in the karaoke industry for several years, and has over a decade of IT experience. Recently, he learned vector artwork and enjoys making images of ponies. He assists by re-mastering audio tracks (full, instrumental, and vocal), editing videos, and creates vector artwork.

Favorite Songs: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me.


sleumas2000, also known as S2K, is a 15 year old Brony who loves My Little Pony (obviously) and also loves Karaoke. He came across My Little Karaoke in early August 2014 - after it had become quite big, and so he's quite new here, but he tries to help out where and how he can.

Favourite Songs: This Day Aria, I've got to find a way, Shine Like Rainbows, Aviators: Friendship, JackleApp: I Love Everything.


RD1042 aka Rainbow_Crash is a 22 years old brony from Germany. After discovering MLK at GalaCon 2013 and being immediately addicted to it, it did not take long for him to start creating song files for MLK, prioritizing on songs produced by the community. Besides MLK and singing in general, he organizes brony-meetups in Heidelberg, Germany and is an avid poker player.

Favourite Show Songs: Let The Rainbow Remind You, Smile Smile Smile, Apples To The Core
Favourite Community Songs: Aviators - Reach (All Along) (feat. 4everfreeBrony), MandoPony - Horse Famous, FiW - It'll be OK.

Additional Song File Help


Rock Band song conversions.


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UltraGuide - Get started with Ultrastar.


I'm a brony from the north of France, and a former musician. You may believe you left music, but music never really leaves you. It'll just take some kind of... spark. Life can indeed give us some nice surprises. And some pretty valuable lessons. Many thanks to all the great people working on the show and to the community.


Producer of the Pony Rock Project, bringing Pony songs to Rock Band and Frets on Fire. Some community songs featured in My Little Karaoke were ported from the Pony Rock Project. Thanks!


A die-hard Brony from Greece. Co-creator of the Greek Brony Community that has a huge love for Karaoke. With his friend, Nutella Kar, they make karaoke together so the whole community around the world can enjoy them.


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Graphic Crew


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DeviantArt Page


An eighteen year old motion graphics designer, known for his work in the music community in the MLP fandom. Works mainly in After Effects and strives to work in the film or design industry.
YouTube Channel

Technical Team


Disk space and bandwidth.


S1 and S2 audio mastering.

SR Foxley

Even more disk space and bandwidth.


A software developer born in the south of London, currently moving from country to country looking for home. Outspoken, not afraid to try new things & always wanting to push his limits. Favorite songs: Winter Wrap Up, Cutie Mark Crusaders Anthem.


More disk space and bandwidth.


All-around muffin specialist.

Game Engine

MyLittleKaraoke runs on the Ultrastar Deluxe karaoke engine by default. Thanks to the developers for their support!

Special Thanks

The My Little Karaoke project makes use of various artistic assets. Each song also features at least two artworks (cover, static background) and sometimes a video as well. All artists are credited accordingly directly in the leaderboards. Thanks to all of them!

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