Installing the game

Windows and Mac OSX

Run the web installer to automatically download and install the game from the internet. Warning, it's a fairly large download! You'll temporarily need about 20Gb of available space in your default download folder.


Find us on Lutris!

Otherwise, install the UltrastarDX engine (or an alternative, like Performous) from your distribution's repositories (Archlinux users: look for ultrastar-git in AUR). Then, make executable and run the provided .sh script - it will download all available songs. Some extra songs can be downloaded here.

What microphones can I use?

Anything your computer supports! You can use your regular jack input, or plug in any USB microphone you wish. Official Singstar microphones are supported, wired and wireless; same goes for the Rock Band and Guitar Hero ones. Try looking in the used games bin at your local store - you might find some for cheap, even sometimes bundled with games.

Why do instrumental tracks only have a static background?

We wanted to showcase artworks from the community in the game, so we deliberately chose to make some static backgrounds visible instead of having a video displayed. It is entirely possible to add the video layer to the instrumental tracks, thought it requires manually editing the corresponding text files as of now (to add a "#VIDEO:video.mp4" line). We're looking into creating a small tool to do this automatically.

My Singstar microphones only work for the first player.

This is a common configuration quirk on Windows: by default, all microphones are in mono and process only the left channel. The other player uses the right channel, which is disabled. See Setting up the microphones on UltraGuide for more information on this.

I'm trying to install the game, but the installer fails downloading the file after trying repeatedly.

This is likely caused by an unstable insternet connection or overloaded server. Please try again a bit later. You can also download the various .mlk files on another computer from and put them in your Downloads folder. The Webinstaller will check if the correct files are already in the downloads folder and use these instead of downloading them again.

I'm getting an OpenGL-related error on Windows.

You need to update your graphic card's drivers directly from its manufacturer's website (AMD, Intel, or Nvidia). Windows Update only provide basic video drivers with incomplete OpenGL support, so use another source. Make sure your card supports at least OpenGL 1.2, too (most do since 2003). On Windows, you might also sometimes need to install the MS Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) separately, then reinstall your graphic card's drivers. If you don't get it to work or if your hardware manufacturer does not support your hardware any more, as work-around there is a file called "opengl32_.dll" in the MyLittleKaraoke installation folder - rename it to "opengl32.dll" and restart the game. This can be really slow, but might be better than nothing.

keyboard shortcuts

  • F11: toggle borderless fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Alt+Enter: switch to fullscreen mode
  • Enter: confirm a selection
  • Escape: previous screen
  • D: play selected song as medley
  • E: open song in editor
  • F: add to medley list
  • K: toggle automatic voice removal (experimental)
  • J: search for a song
  • M: open the song menu
  • P: choose a playlist for song selection
  • R: random song
  • Alt+character: jump to artist with the first letter/digit
  • Alt+Shift+character: jump to song title with the first letter/digit
  • PageUp/PageDown: next/previous letter/digit

In a song:

  • Space: pause the game
  • S = skip song intro
  • V = change background visuals
  • W = webcam on/off toggle

The UltrastarDX full manual

This manual do not account for recent USDX changes, see the project's GitHub page for additional information.

Published on 2016-07-20 by MLK:SiM