Beta Channel released!

Hello everyone! We're back with a weird release, much smaller than the previous ones and containing no songs whatsoever. Introducing: the MLK Beta Channel.

We've decided to take the plunge and move forward with a new karaoke engine, Ultrastar World Party. This mod of USDX was created by the Ultrastar-es folks and brings new ways to play.

New features

  • Duets!
  • Online leaderboards!
  • Download new songs straight from the launcher!
  • 6 players on a single screen!
  • More party modes!
  • Better medleys!
  • Jukebox mode!
  • Webcam support!

The new engine (Ultrastar World Party) is in Beta and currently only runs on Windows (Vista is unsupported). Mac users will still benefit from a new launcher and early song releases, and can use Performous to play Duets. Linux users should go to this page to manually grab new songs ('tarballs'), and can either use USDX World Party in Wine, Performous, or Vocaluxe.

Get the update here!

Important: USDX World Party doesn't display static backgrounds by default, only a white screen. Press the "B" key to toggle the background ON during a game session. You can also toggle the webcam with "W" (if available) and the video or visualizer with "V".

New game launcher


The launcher now offers a new panel on its rightmost side, from which you'll be able to download new songs as soon as they are released. This means you won't have to wait for the next full release to enjoy new content! We don't have a specific schedule for updates, as it strongly depends on the team's own availability, so be sure to check every now and then.

New songs are distributed using the .mlk file format, and can be easily installed by clicking on them then selecting "Open". Thanks to Yaymuffins for this!

Online leaderboards

Online ranking

The game now features online rankings: you can see how well you fare compared to other players and average best scores for songs! You need to register before using this feature (this is independent from forum accounts).

Access the leaderboards here!

After registration, a page will explain everything you need to know on this feature. You'll need to set up your online accounts in the game's options screen. While top scores are displayed in-game, they are not fetched automatically; sync scores using the song menu (press the "M" key at the song selection screen). You don't need an account to see top scores, but one is mandatory to be able to submit your results.

We reserve the right to ban accounts in case of inappropriate behaviors. Common usernames (like Twilight) and default usernames (like Player 1) will not be able to submit scores.

Huge thanks to Phase4 and mediumdeviation for making this possible!

Duets songs


The game now supports duets - meaning that two players can sing their own lines! You can search for the word "Duet" to find available songs to play, the first one being "It'll be okay" from FiW. Roles can be switched using the space bar on your keyboard before starting a song.

Other extras

6 Players

  • Up to 6 players on a single screen: simply set the number of players in the "options" screen, configure your microphones, and you can start playing right away.

Medley Mode

  • Medleys: you can play a short medley from the song menu (press the "M" key at the song selection screen). Medley start points are usually automatically calculated by the game, unless specified otherwise.


  • Party modes: includes various challenges and a tournament mode. The "Jukebox" mode can also be accessed from this menu.

Thanks for playing the game! We hope you enjoy this unconventional release, and have a lot of fun partying!

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